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Semi-Permeant 3+ Year Ceramic Coating

  • 8 hr
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Unlike the Clay & Seal Package this product is a more advanced semi-permeant bond that has a 3+ year protection. While some products on the market claim 7, or even 10 years of protection, we understand that the environmental factors and overstated marketing claims can lead customers into a sense of false security so we take a more measured approach with our own claims to ensure the quality of our work. This process will take a full day to complete due to the extensive nature of the preparation involved in the application. Included with this service is: • Iron and industrial fallout decontamination • Clay bar treatment removing clear coat impurities • 1-Step paint correction polishing to buff out light swirls, scratches and water spots • State of the art 3+ year SiO2 ceramic coat application • Ultra Glaco Windshield Treatment service • Plastic Trim Restoration service • Headlight Restoration service (when applicable)

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