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Premium Detail

  • 3 hr 30 min
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

The Premium Detail is the highest level of comprehensive interior and exterior care. This service offers all of the Standard Detail services but expands to include an iron removal Decontamination Wash, and our Interior Refinement service. The Premium Detail includes: - Deionized Water Foam Bath Pretreatment - Scratch Free Mutli-Cloth Wash System - Full Wheel Assembly Cleaning - Tire Dressing - Spot Free Towel Drying - Clean The Door Jambs - Synthetic Wax Paint Protectant Application - Interior Refinement: Our no stone left unturned approach to the interior. All interior surfaces will be touched. The seats, cracks, crevices, knobs, switches, vents, cup holders, pockets, consoles, glove box, and seams will all receive our focused scrutiny and attention to detail. Steam cleaning, deep vacuum on carpets, surface spot shampoo of seats and carpet where applicable, conditioning UV protectant is applied to all hard surfaces, and all plastic or rubber trim will receive a rejuvenating coating. - Decontamination Wash & Clay: Iron particles and industrial fallout will build up on your vehicle causing harm to the clear coat and robbing your exterior of it's original shine and ability to shed dirt and grime. The decontamination wash and clay bar treatment strips these impurities from the paint.

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