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Ceramic Coat +

  • 5 hr
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

This package is for customers who want to safeguard their vehicle against the elements and allow their vehicle to remain cleaner longer after washes. Through the self cleaning properties of SiO2 ceramic technology, these coatings act like a non-stick coating does on a frying pan. Preventing things like water spots, bird droppings, or brake dust, to build up on your vehicle and damage the surface. The Ceramic Coat+ package: • Deionized Water Foam Bath Pretreatment • Scratch Free Mutli-Cloth Wash System • Full wheel assembly cleaning • Tire dressing • Spot free towel drying • Cleaning of The Door and Trunk Jambs • Limited interior • Iron and industrial fallout decontamination wash • Clay bar treatment removing clear coat impurities • 1-Step paint correction polishing to buff out light swirls, scratches and water spots • State of the art 12+ month SiO2 ceramic coat application This ceramic coat will offer chemical resistance, UV protection, water spot reduction, water beading hydrophobics, longer lasting effects, and of course high-gloss shine and paint slickness. Expect 12+ months of protection depending on conditions. This 12+ month entry level ceramic coat package is a great option for those who want the protection of a ceramic coat at a severely discounted cost compared to the 3+ year semi-permeant varieties. We do offer 3+year semi-permeant ceramic coatings also, just contact us for a free quote. (Returning customers that receive this service will get a ceramic boosting aid with all subsequent detail services to ensure longevity at no additional change)

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